Add to Favorite Emerald Stores. 2.06 CT, EMERALD CUT FINE NATURAL COLOMBIAN EMERALD Gem Very Good Intense Green. Very Good Intense Green, Emerald cut Shape! This amazing and authentic natural Colombian emerald gem, it is a precious stone perfect to set in a ring, pendant, or any custom jewelry. The Colombian EMERALD has long enjoyed being one of the most beautiful, costly, and rarest gems known to mankind.

The Birthstone for May is Emerald. Being one of the 3 Precious Gemstones, besides Ruby and Sapphire, Emerald is one of the most Prevalent Gems in the world. VVS2-Very Difficult to See Inclusions. 9.34x6.36x8.47 in millimeters. We offer genuine natural emeralds for that special piece of jewelry or for your gem collection.

Our emeralds don't have any enhancements. If you acquire this excellent genuine Colombian Emerald we guarantee the authenticity and quality of it trough an Emerald Certificate. The certificate declares that this an natural emerald which has carefully picked, cut and has been mined in Colombia.

To view this page you need acrobat reader. When you acquire this excellent genuine Emerald, we guarantee the authenticity and quality of it through an Emerald Certificate from our independent laboratory in Colombia.

The certificate declares that it is a natural emerald, describes its cut, and identifies where it was mined. WE ARE COMMITTED TO ONLY BRING YOU 100% TOP COLOMBIAN EMERALDS & SPECIMENS, SELECTED CAREFULLY TO PROVIDE EXCEPTIONAL VALUE. Watch our Video - Custom on select stones. Please read the following information.

Up to five items within seven days. An emerald is a rich green gemstone that is a variation of the mineral beryl.

It owes its color to minute amounts of chromium in the crystals. Pure beryl is beryllium aluminum silicate. The value of an emerald lies in its color and its freedom from flaws and inclusions (other substances enclosed in the crystals). An emerald with blue tint is more valuable than one with a yellow tint. Most emerald crystals contain minute fractures, which are sometimes called veils, and various kinds of inclusions.

Perfect emeralds are very rare and therefore may be more expensive than diamonds. Emeralds are harder than quartz, but not as hard as sapphire. The Four "C"s of Emeralds Similar to diamonds, you must consider the four "C"s when evaluating an emerald.

Rule of Thumb In general, when judging an emerald's value, color is of paramount importance: the deeper and more vivid the green, the more valuable the stone will be. Of course, there are also many attractive lighter green emeralds that are lively and vivid when set in jewelry, as well as darker green emeralds that make up for their lack of brightness in the richness of the color. Generally speaking, however, very light or very dark emeralds are less valuable. The size is the second factor to consider. The size and weight of the emerald will determine the relative value and rarity of your gem. As far as clarity is concerned, unlike diamonds, a finely colored emerald is not significantly devalued by inclusions.

Inclusions Most natural emeralds have inclusions, often called "jardines", or gardens, which are regarded as the emerald's natural birthmark. The fewer the fissures found, the more expensive the emerald. Cut, natural emeralds of the highest quality weighing more than two carats are extremely rare and costly. A large, deep green emerald with minor blue or yellow secondary coloration that is relatively free of inclusions may cost up to tens of thousands of dollars per carat.

Colombian emeralds: There is no other source for quality emeralds in the world like Colombia. Over the last 500 years, the mines at Muzo and Chivor have been setting the standards of top quality in emeralds.

Today, Colombian emerald production is in the hands of private investors that lease the main deposits, bringing to the world the exceptional gemstones formed 40,000 years ago in the only hydrothermal deposit in the world. It takes the hard work of thousands of workers each day to bring these rare gems to the market. We deliver the finest carats of vivid, eternal green, which symbolize the peace and liberty of the world. Treasured Green Gemstone for Centuries - Indulge in Emerald Elegance Emerald: Birthstone for May, The 20th & 35th & 55th Anniversary, The Gem of the Spring Season and the Zodiac Sign of Cancer. We will reply within 24 hours of receiving your message.

SEE VIDEO ABOUT US HERE. SEE VIDEO ABOUT EMERALDS HERE. Emeralds the finest green color on earth - About Emerald Elegance We are a U. Company based in Atlanta, GA, the founder is Guillermo Galvis, who have been engaged in the emeralds business for most of his life, we would like to invite you to know more about emeralds; He founded this company in 1997 in Florida, to bring together small - medium dealers and jewelers around the world. Our positive experience and the great feedback we received from our customers keep us working to get the best emeralds at the lowest prices to you! We are partnership with the key emerald miners in Colombia, also we work with Gemfields from UK , and Muzo International Group to provide the best quality of emeralds and the best gems to our customers. Our Goal: Bring you the best gems direct from the mines with excellent prices and customer service.

To realize this goal, we established a very special operation 11 years ago, where we developed an advanced e-commerce platform which allows you access our stones, soon after we cut them, anywhere in the world. Emeralds (gemstone pavilion): 10J36 & 38. Take a look at my other auctions. LOOK FOR GREAT DEALS IN EMERALDS AT MY STORE!

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